Mini Microphone from Dizaul [REVIEW]

This mini Microphone might look like a toy but it turns out to be a surprisingly decent Microphone. It costs under $12 on Amazon and might be a good solution to those looking to start a podcast without wanting to pay $100 for a professional mic. Since most headphones come with a built in mic, Its hard to recommend this to everyone. It might be a good solution to record on the go. Check out my video review to learn more.


Dizaul mini condenser microphone is designed specially for mobile phone and Tablets PC. It is easy to plug and play directly to you PC, Laptop, Tablets, Mobile Phones without installing any drives. What you need is just a seperate adapter cable (including in the package). It features mini exquisite appearance, easy to carry and offering a crystal sound for phone calls, internet chatting, vocal recording. This microphone are also compatible with all windows PC.

Key Features:

●When connected with Desktop/Laptop Computer, this microphone can be used alone.
●When connected with Smartphones or Tablets PC, a adapter cable should be used -seperating headphone and microphone plug.
●When you use the microphone to sing songs on the phone, only the Apple phone has monitor effects (when singing you can hear your own voice). using Android phones you can only hear own voice when playback, because Android does not support this feature.
●Works with Karaoke Apps just on your Apple(ios system) device. But a KTV software should be installed first in your devices
●If you want better sound, a sound card should be used.
●This mini microphone is not compatible with phantom power.

●Transducer Type: Condenser
●Polar Pattern: Cardioid
●Voltage Supply:1.5V
●frequency response: 30HZ-20KHZ
●wiring length:1.5M

Package Includes:

● 1x Dizaul Mini Microphone
● 1x Seperate Adapter Cable
● 1x Holder
● 1x Manual