Minion Mip WowWee – TTPM Spring Showcase

WowWee has a new version of MiP that is based off of the upcoming movie ‘Despicable Me 3’.

MiP is a small robot that can be controlled with your phone or tablet. I got to see how 2 Minions can battle using their “Fart Blaster”. Its silly but still fun, Especially if you enjoyed the movies. From what I saw, The app had a lot of content from the movie including sounds, music, and artwork. All of the button was big and nicely detailed so that it is easy to pick up and play with. Just like with other tech toys from WowWee, The app will be free and updated new content. Kids will love seeing their favorite character come to life and adults (like me) will enjoy all the tech that WowWee put into this robot. Expect to see Tomas Dave Minion MiP in stores this Summer.