Mixed Reality with Rick and Morty Simulator

When Rick and Morty Simulator was finally released I was excited to play it but there was a problem…I had no Virtual Reality setup at home. Thankfully, The community manager of DreamSail Studios was kind enough to let me drop by and not only play the game, But record it using their very expensive mix reality setup. It goes without saying that I was geeking out about everything their setup had to offer. DreamSail Studios is known for their multiplayer game Blade Ballet, Its out now on PS4 and Steam. Hopefully I will be able to record more footage with them but lets get back to Rick and Morty Simulator.

Simply put, Rick and Morty Simulator is something special not just for fans of the show but VR enthusiasts as well. The first mission involves you picking up Rick’s laundry and wishing them. It may not sound exciting on paper but its the type of humor you would expect from the show. Of course Rick created a clone Morty to do his laundry. Much like when he created a AI robot just to pass the butter on the kitchen table. There was a part with Mr Meeseeks which annoyed me but it satisfyingly at the end when I finallyed completed the task. There was moments when I had to bend down and really reach to grab something, It might not be for everyone but at least it was a memorable experience. The frustrating moments always lead to me discovering something new about the game. Like with the Mr Meeseeks I learned that I could blow them…ok, that sounds horrible but it was funny to me.

Since I only played the game for about an hour I can’t give it a full review but I can confidently say that it is worth it. Eventually I will make a “Must Play” list for VR games and I would add this to the top. I’m aware that having a complete VR setup is expensive but within time it will get cheaper.