Most wanted features for iPhone 8

iPhone is the king of smartphones but it is lacking is some most wanted. I figured it would be fun to list off 8 of the most wanted features for iPhone 8.

1. Wireless charging

Sooner or later the iPhone will have wireless charging and when this finally happens we might be able to leave our cables at home.


2. Water proof

Will Apple finally make the iPhone waterproof like the Apple Watch?  You would be surprised at how many times people dropped their phone in the toilet.

3. Micro SD Slot

With 4K video recording and huge app installs, 32gb is not really enough. Pro users stick to Android to easily switch out high capacity Micro SD cards.

4. OLED Panel

Rumor says that the next iPhone will feature a OLED panel. This will provide better brightness and would make the device lighter.

5. USB C/Thunderbolt port

It would be nice if we had 1 cable to rule them all. Apple needs to get on board with this and make all of our lives easier regardless of what device we use.

6. Edge-to-edge display

It seems like the iPhone is getting thinner and thinner each year, How long before it just becomes a screen with no edges?


7. Bigger Battery

At the end of the day people care about battery life. We all know that feeling of being on 10% and rushing to find a charger.

What feature would you like to see in the next iPhone?