The second generation of the Moto 360 smart watch is out now and it could be the best Android wearable out there. Allow me to list off some of my first impressions after putting it to the test for past 2 days.

  • Looks and feels like a premium watch and not a toy.
  • Just the right size (currently wearing the 46mm model).
  • Wireless charging is a big plus.
  • Only has 1 physical button that is used to power on/off the phone.
  • Android OS is simple and straight to the point. Nicely done Google.
  • App store is fulled with free watch faces to fit any style.
  • Easily change watch face. Even make your own.
  • Simple setup, Phone connects via bluetooth. Only takes a few seconds.
  • With Bluetooth headphones you can listen to music directly from watch.
  • Watch can connect to Wifi if phone is out of reach.


4gb of storage
512mb Ram
1.5-2 day battery with mix use
Ambient light sensor
Heart rate sensor
Water resistant