Moto Mods Projector & JBL Speaker [REVIEW]

We are now 1 step closer to a mobile future without wires! With Moto Mods, You can double your battery life or amp up your speakers with no cables and no bluetooth or NFC.

What you need to know

As I mentioned in my video review, Moto Mods only work with the Motorola Z and Z Force smart phone which is exclusive to Verizon. This all might change in the near future. Will we ever see see Samsung or HTC using Moto Mods? I doubt it but this type of technology is a sign of what is next.

JBL Sound Boost

I prefer using headphones on my smartphone when it comes to music cause the built in speakers are just not good enough. We all love that feeling of putting our headphones on blast and actually feeling the music. That is how I felt with the JBL Sound Boost Moto Mod. It turned my phone into a tiny boom box with a surprising amount of power. You might already have a good pair of portable speakers but those require bluetooth, NFC, or a AUX cable. The JBL Sound Boost Moto Mod works as soon as you snap it on. There is no pairing or anything to config. The speakers work together as one. Most people will be surprised to see that the speaker snaps off cause it looks like a smart phone with a built in boom box. I encourage everyone to visit your closet Verizon store and try it out for yourself cause my words wont do it justice.

Tumi Wirless Charging Power Pack

With this power pack Moto Mod from TUMI, You will no longer have to carry an external battery. Simply snap it onto to the Moto Z and your phone will start charging. It adds some extra weigh and noticeable thickness to the phone but I don’t mind cause I know I wont have to touch a charger for the rest of the day.

Lenovo Insta-Share Projector

The first time I saw Star Wars was in my living with my dad’s old school projector. This thing was huge and it was loud but I was still amazed. This was 1994 maybe. Now in 2016 I can have a 70 inch movie experience in a matter of seconds with the Lenovo Insta-Share Projector. As I shown in the video, Setup is super simple. Just snap it on and power it up. The picture quality is amazing especially considering that it is coming from a pretty small device. Even in a bright area I was able to see the projector’s image with no problems. Hardcore movie lovers wont mind the $299 price tag cause this is projector can easily turn your smart phone into a portable movie experience.

I remember back in the day where every device needed it’s own special wire. Thankfully those days are long gone. My review of the #OSCOO wireless charger is on my YouTube channel. #android #galaxys7 #techgeek #gadgets #sponsored

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