Moto Z2 Force vs iPhone drop test

Motorola wanted to make sure that the new Moto Z2 is truly shatterproof.

During the Hello Moto World NYC party, There was a section that allowed users to drop the Z2 to see if it would crack. From what I saw, There was no damage to the phone and it was dropped multiple times. I’ve been using last year’s Moto Z Force as my main phone for almost a year now and it survived a few bad drops. After 11 months of using it there are only a few small marks on the screen but no cracks. I never got a case for my Z Force phone so with that said, I believe that the Moto Z2 is fully shatterproof. I can’t say the same for the iPhone. The Moto Z2 Force is start shipping in early August, You can pre-order it now on Verizon.