Must Have Gadgets for Back to School

These are a 6 gadgets that I think are a must have for back to school. This list is pretty universial so it doesn’t matter if the age or grade level. All of these gadgets have been tested by me in some way.

Smart Charger 7X from TYLT

I love being a Android user but I noticed there ain’t many portable battery chargers with USB-C built in. Thankfully, TYLT has one called the ‘Smart Charger 7X’. I’ve been using a TYLT external battery for over 3 years and I still take it with me on the go.

ZAGG Multi-Device Wireless Backlit Keyboard

Tablets are great for getting work done on the go but only if you have a good board. Using a touch screen to type a essy can get annoying pretty fast so I recommend the ZAGG wireless keyboard. It can be paired with three devices at once no matter if it is a Apple, Android, or Windows device. Dock your phone and tablet for easy muilti-tasking. I reviewed other Bluetooth keyboards in the past but this one is the only one that has backlit keys.

Google Home

New smart speakers are starting to show up every month but Google Home still remains one of the top picks. I’ve been using this speaker for over 2 weeks and it has done a impressive job of recognizing my voice. I never had to yell at it or felt annoyed that it didn’t understand me. Instead of doing a google search on your phone, Just say “Hey Google” and ask your question. I can easily set my alarm, add things to my calendar, and control my music without touching my phone. Students will love the small size of the Google Home and it’s powerful sound.

Raspberry Pi 3

It may not look like much but the Raspberry Pi 3 is a pretty decent mini computer. For under $40, This card sized computer can be used to browse the web and answer emails. Lots of people are using Raspberry Pi in school to teach students about coding. If you’re on a tight budget and need a computer purely for getting online than this might be the way to go. The Raspberry Pi 3 has Wifi and Bluetooth built in so there is no need for dongles. You’ll need a couple of things like a SD card, keyboard, mouse, and a monitor.

Meem Memory

This is the only cable that can charge and backup your smart phone or tablet. Meem Memory starts working as soon as you plug it. Your personal data safe without depending on a internet connection. There is a iOS and Android version.

Mio Slice Fitness Tracker

Staying active can help improve your focus in school. Use Mio Slice to keep track of all your fitness goals and wake up on time.

UAG Smart phone case

I’m sure everyone has dropped their phone because they forgot it was in their hands. I am currecntly using the Trooper case from UAG which features storage for my ID and bank cards.


Pixie uses augmented reality to help find your stuff. Simply place the Pixie tag on something like your tags and Pixie will guide you in finding it.