Worrying about a dead battery may be a thing of the past very soon. I’m not talking about just another portable battery, The GoPlus Bag can charge almost anything you can think of. Here are 10 things you should know about this kickstarter campaign.

1) 26,400mAh of power

The GoPlug can charge your phone up to 14 times! Forget all day battery life, You can go all weekend without needing a charge your phone with a wall outlet. Most impressive is the fact that it can charge your laptop, TWICE!

Its even to enough to power on a TV.

2) Bag Specifications and hidden pockets

Its safe to say that this bag is big enough to hold everything you need and more.

3) Water resistant

The bag itself is water resistant so if you get caught in the rain, Your expensive gadgets should be pretty safe. It survived a car wash!

4) Smart features

The GoPlus has its own app that is packed with useful features like wireless powering on/off and a location tracker. It also has notifications to let you know when your devices are charge, This is perfect to avoid over charging.

5) Solar Charger (opional)

Going to a camping trip or spending a day at the park? You wont find a wall outlet in the trees but if its a sunny day, You can charge the GoPlug with the optional solar Charger.

6) Connectors

2 reversible USB ports and a A/C power.

7) Can I take it with me on a flight?

GoPlug Bag follows with TSA and International flight regulations so its one less thing to worry about when traveling.

8) How long does it take to charge?

It only takes about 3 hours for the GoPlus to fully charge and be ready for your adventure. 6-12 hours if you use the solar panel.

9) How much will it cost?

The early bird price for the bag and Power Bank will cost $269. After that, It will be $299. Retail price will be $399.

10) Shipping

The GoPlug Bag is expected to ship in Fall 2016.

For more details, Be sure to visit the GoPlus Bag Kickstarter page and follow them on twitter @GoPlugBags.