The rumors were true, At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang introduces the new SHIELD TV!

The console itself looks just like last gen but the specs are improved and the controller got has a welcomed new design. As I said before, 2017 is the year to get on board with 4K HDR for gaming and movies, The new SHIELD is ready for it.Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube are all ready to play in 4K right out of the box. During the presentation I noticed the new Steam app. This allows for PC gaming in 4K from a PC. There is also Google Assistant, SmartThings and NVIDIA SPOT, a mic accessory to bring AI throughout the home. It is a bit weird to put microphones all over your house but it does make life easier and this might be a step forward in future smart homes. The new SHIELD TV will go on sale January 16th for $199.