The rumors are true! Oculus is launching their first standalone VR headset. It is called Oculus Go and it is being labeled as the easiest way to jump into Virtual Reality. It ships early next year (2018), starting at $199. It’s awesome for watching movies or concerts, playing games, or just hanging out with your friends in VR.

What does this mean for the future?

Mark Zuckerberg announced that he wants 1 billion people to have access to VR. Not everyone has a Samsung phone for Gear VR and not everyone has a VR ready PC for Ocuslus Rift so this is the perfect solution for those in the middle. All of the top Gear VR games and apps will be availble on Oculus Go’s launch day. Personally, The entire VR indsustry is exciting to me and this is certainly the right step forward. Imagine how great it will be for education? Insead of giving students a laptop, They can put on a VR headset experience learning beyond a words on in dusty text book.

Oculus Rift price drop!

The Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System bundle is now $399. This is exciting news for anyone who is planning on getting a new PC and they want one of the best VR headsets going into 2018.