ODRVM Action Camera [Unboxing/REVIEW]

How good can a $50 action camera be? This 1080p action camera from ODRVM has the basic features you would expect. I took it with me while I was on a boat cruise and the video was surprisingly good. A high end smart phone can capture better footage but the main point of a action camera is portability. Inside of the package is dozens of mounts so you can experiment with different angles. The waterproof case and extra battery is also included which is a big plus. The most handy feature is the ability to connect the camera to your phone over wifi. This allows you to transfer your footage quickly and share it on social media with just a few taps.

For the under $50 price range, This camera went beyond my expectations. Within a week of using it I noticed some small flaws but nothing too bad. The app used to connect with your smart phone could use a update. It was easy to use but some of the app was not in English and that might turn off some people from downloading the app. The photo quality could be better as well. Photos came out blurry and out of focus. Outdoor photos came out fine but indoor pictures was disappointing.

Other than that, I think this is a great deal for a budget camera. I would recommend this camera for anyone looking to record sports or underwater video. There is no touch screen or audio input for a microphone so those are 2 other things you might have to take in consideration. We are currently in the last few days of the summer and you can expect to see more video from this camera on my youtube channel.