TwithCon is this weekend and it was a perfect excuse to leave NYC and head out to California. I made it safely to California and I am currently writing this in our motel. With me is Gizelle, She helps me run my other site, GamerMotion. It was pretty much all her idea to adventure out to TwitchCon since she loves streaming on Twitch. You should check out her channel her. I’m not really into streaming cause its hard for to me to focus on gameplay and having a meaningful conversation with random people online. Point is, Streaming video games is a big deal and Twitch will continue grow as force in the entertament industry.

Who will I see over there?

My main reason for heading out to TwitchCon is for the PC hardware and tech side of it. Huge companies like Alienware, HP Omen, Lenovo, Ubisoft, and AVer Media will be there. I will have interviews with most of the tech companies their on my channel and photos on my social media accounts. Personally, I can’t wait to visit the streamer station which is going to be powered by Intel. They are going to allow gamers to stream on PCs that are powered by the latest Intel core i9 processors. I can’t wait!

Whats in my tech bag?

My main phone is still the Moto Z Force, It served me well over the past year. My second phone is the Galaxy S7, I still love the camera on that phone and all the advance modes it has. For YouTube I am using Canon VIXIA HF R700 for interviews. Its a couple of years old but at least it can record in 1080p 60fps. It doesn’t do well in low light conditions but thankfully that can be fixed when I edit it. Ill be using the Tamaggo camera for behind the scenes 360 video of our coverage. Sadly I don’t have the latest GoPro camera but ODRVM Action camera is in my bag and it should do well for B-roll footage.

Pro Youtubers will disagree with my choice of tripod. I like to pack light so I am using 2 mini tripods from Smatree. The first one is a telescoping seflie stick, It comes with a tripod and I love it cause its super portable. It can fit in almost any of my bags and I can setup it up in a few seconds. Same thing goes for the Clamp Mount. This is great if we are sitting down and space is limited. I’ve seen other youtubers carry HUGE tripods and I never want to be that guy, Especially for a convention that will be filled by thousands of people.

As for batteries, I have 4 of them cause who wants to be stuck by a wall outlet. Theres the Moto Mod battery pack which only works with my Moto Z Force. Then there is the myCharge Hub 6000 mAh Power Bank. It has a built in micro USB, iPhone connector and a usb port. I should have plenty of power to last all day.

I got my gear, an amazing partner, my badge, and my passion. Its gonna be a memorable experience.