Plantronics RIG 400HX and RIG VR gaming headset

Having a good pair of headphones is just as important as your TV or controller. Plantronics has some new options to get the best sound out of your gaming experience.This video features a closer look at the RIG 4VR and RIG 400HX Gaming Headset.

The RIG 400HX headset by Plantronics was designed specifically for the Xbox One, this lightweight yet durable headset prides itself on its isolating earcups and low frequency emphasis. Now what does that mean for you? Well for starters, I’ve found that while playing certain titles with diverse soundscapes, such as grand theft auto V, I was able to not only pick up the voices of other players in my online lobby, but also everything from my character’s car radio to the conversations of NPCs outside my door. With no distortion at all between the different sources of sound, I have to say I was very immersed. Now while this does work best on the Xbox One, It IS still a plantronics product in that you can use it pc, ps4, and your cellular device. Making calls with the 400HX on my head came across beautifully for both parties and here is what I also want to point out- This noise canceling boom mic. Such a small add on and yet it makes all the difference in keeping chats clear, no matter what device your using. On the PS4, I did test this against the Turtle Beach Recon 60p, a headset in a similar price bracket, and I found the 400 HX to not only feel more comfortable over long periods of time, but there was a slight improvement in the field of sound. There was less treble and I was able to hear more of the background elements in Street Fighter V’s menu music, which isn’t a bad touch at all for an Xbox made headset.

Now let’s talk about the downsides to this budget friendly piece . Pretty much to make something so lightweight and cozy, there has to be a drawback. For gamers used to having a bass boost add on or even an extra switch or two for EQ, you will not find that here. In fact, this model is very much “what you see is what you get”. While playing games and listening to music, I also found that the isolating ear cups are great at keeping sound out, but not so much keeping sound in, so be careful if you happen to want to keep a session private from those around you- in short turn the volume down a tad. Also noted on the front of the box, you CANNOT use this headset with a first gen XBOX One controller, unless you have a stereo headset adapter (sold separately). Another feature I felt could have worked with these was a light indicator on the main controls. Fumbling blindly or relying on memory to find the volume slider is a bit annoying when gaming at night or in a dark space. But again, this is a very bare bones design. So what’s my final verdict? At the price point of $49.99, you really can’t go wrong with these, especially if you want all the bang for your buck. The Plantronics 400HX is a great lightweight headset that will immerse you in anything you choose to play, on any platform you choose to use. After a little while, don’t be surprised if you forget you even have them on.