PLEN Cube – Tech Day NYC 2017

PLEN Cube is personal assistant Robot made by PLENGoer Robotics. At Tech Day New York I got to see a prototype version in action. The top of its head was bouncing around and it instantly sparked my curiosity. PLEN Cube has a bunch of features but I know most people will love the smart camera capabilities. The camera can move in 360 and track your movement to capture the right moment, No selfie stick required. It can also Face tracking which is great keeping your face in focus. 2 Microphones will be used for voice control. Below is a short video I recorded of the on stage demo.

Natsuo Akazawa, CEO at PLENGoer Robotics, explains: “Think of PLEN Cube as your
right-hand man (in robot form). We’ve packed a lot into this playful 3-inch powerhouse:
a powerful processor, Full-HD camera, display, microphone array and speakers, along
with cutting-edge software in facial recognition, speech recognition, and more.“

PLEN Cube is expected to ship in October 2017 to those who pre-ordered. What would you use it for?