Meet the RCA cambio 2-in-1 Tablet, its a 11 in tablet that ended up replacing my iPad 2. The biggest feature of this tablet is the detachable keyboard which makes brings you back to that laptop experience most of us know very well. I been using my iPad 2 for years and love the touchscreen experience but there is no replacement for having a physical keyboard. Writing emails and doing blog posts feels so much more natural. I have been loving the screen size, lt makes 11.6 in display that runs at 1366×768. The RCA cambio runs a full version of Windows 10, Unlike iOS or Android you’re not limited to mobile or tablet apps. The same apps you know and love on your desktop PC run the same way they do on this tablet. Its important for me to run the full version of google chrome or firefox cause depends on extensions to get things done online quickly. Mobile web browsers do not have those add-ons. Thank to the Intel 1.83 GHz quad core processor and 2gb of ram l am able to browse the web and watch HD youtube videos with no trouble.

With a tablet that costs under $200 there are some disadvantages but nothing that can’t be fixed with some tech savvy knowledge. The front and back cameras are pretty low in quality. Its safe to say that you wont be using it to capture important video with it. For skype calling its fine but if you need something with better quality recommend using an external webcam. The trackpad is too small for my personal taste but maybe its perfect for a kid. Most laptops don’t have good trackpads anyway so Iamsure most of you guys have a extra mouse laying around somewhere. If not, You can get a bluetooth mouse for under $20. You also might wanna consider getting a SD, With the recent Windows 10 update you can set your Micro SD to be the default location to save your documents and new programs. The internal 32gbor memory will fill up fast so investing a class 10 micro SD card is highly suggested. The cons of this tablet are pretty small and they wont make a big impact in your overall use. Battery life is ok, in my experience I got about 4-5 hours of use which is not too bad. Thankfully can charge the tablet with a external battery pack so there is no need for me to search for a power outlet whenever I am out in the go.

Who is this tablet for? I’d say its for people who want to be productive on the go. People who love the windows experience and do not want to settle for anything less, iPads don’t have a full USB port and most Android tablets don’t have one either so that fact along puts this device at a big productive advantage. Its not made for programs that requireaton of power like photoshop or video editing but its a tablet that hits the sweets spot between price and performance. Below is my video interview from Get Geeked 2015 about the RCA cambio.