RCA Galileo Pro Tablet [REVIEW]

Galileo Pro tablet from RCA packs a full Android experience for under $99! Is it right for you?

Special features
While this tablet is noticeably thicker, I love that it has all the inputs I could ever need, Including a HDMI output built in for hooking up to a big screen. All iPads require a $40 adapter to use HDMI. Same thing goes for a USB port which can be used for data transfers or using a gaming controller. The detachable keyboard is a nice touch too, Especially with the Android shortcuts. I am not really a fan of using the touch pad but I could easily use any Bluetooth or USB mouse. Lastly, The Micro SD slot is great photo photographers or anyone who needs more than 32gb of storage.


Major downside is the quality in the display. The screen resolution is 1024 x 600 which could be better but it not bad. Some games with 3D graphics have rough edges due to the resolution not being above 720p. Another downside is the viewing angle. Titling your head will invert the colors and it can be annoying when watching videos. Its not a big deal breaker considering that for a 11 inch tablet, You don’t wanna hold it in your hand. Most people will keep it in the keyboard dock at a fixed position.

The Camera
The image quality in both camera are below average but this was expected. For a tablet of this size I am sure you wont not want to use it for selfies or vacation photos. However, The cameras are not just for taking photos. You can still use it for video calls, scanning QR codes, using google translate, and other AR apps. The freedom of Android allows you to use a USB webcam if you’d like to upgrade the video quality.


Battery Life
I have not looked inside of the tablet but I assume there must be a huge battery inside cause this thing has last for hours. I currently have it next to my bed to check emails and direct messages in the morning, I haven’t charged it for about 3 days. While watching Netflix I been able to reach about 5-6 hours of playback while on battery. It is pretty impressive and one of the features that is a selling point.

What about the Kindle Fire?
My mom has a 7 in Kindle Fire has she does not use it at all. I setup facebook for her and its not enough. She hate the way apps are displayed on the home page and she wants the new Android games that her family is playing. Personally, I love Amazon and their services but its hard to recommend the Fire tablets. This tablet runs Android 6.0 with full access to the google play store and no 3rd party apps (Bloatware). Well, The Walmart app is installed and a shortcut to the RCA site but those can easily be removed within seconds. Being able to install widgets on the home screen is another advantage over the Kindle family.

Who is this tablet for?
When I was in high school, There was 1 laptop in the house. I had to share it between my brother and sister or go to the library. I would have got my homework done faster if I had my own computer. Back then there was no such thing as a computer for under $99. This type of laptop is perfect for students or people who don’t need high end features like a HD screen or extra memory. The RCA Galileo Pro has enough power for web browser, watching videos, and being productive. It’s a nice alternative to spending over $500 for something like a iPad.

Where can I get one?
The RCA Galileo Pro is on sell now at Amazon and Walmart.