Robot dogs & gaming drones from WowWee

During CE Week 206, WowWee showed off a bunch of tech toys that made my inner child very happy.

First up, Lets talk about CHiP. This is a robot dog that is app controlled and can listen to your commands. CHiP has a bunch of sensors to detect and react to your surroundings. Since this toy is app controlled, CHiP can download new functions like dance moves. More impress than that is the fact that CHiP can recharge himself with the “AUTODOCK CHARGING STATION”.

CHiP is a technological breakthrough. Equipped with an adaptive personality, CHiP’s character changes and grows over time. His artificial intelligence algorithms are applied to data from a large array of high tech sensors. Real-time processing helps CHiP see, speak, listen, and feel, all while exploring his own world independently.

Not all drones are created equally. Some of them are made for photography or hobbyist but LUMI is made for gaming!

Choreography lights up the sky with Lumi, the first ever gamefied drone that has as many dance moves as it does game modes. Test your ability to follow dance sequences, create your own choreographies and use the multi-drone mode to have epic dance-offs in the air, all lights flashing. Launch the Lumi app on your BLE-enabled smartphone or tablet and your screen becomes your dance floor. EZ flight with proprietary FollowMe technology makes keeping Lumi airborne a breeze. Play “Lumi on the Beat” to test your ability to follow dance sequences and unlock cool tricks as you go. Pick songs from the built-in playlist and create your own choreographies. Share your drone’s dance moves with your friends… or challenge them to the ultimate dance-off in multi-drone mode.

LUMI has had a very successful Indiegogo campaign and its not a surprise. Drones are one of the hottest gadgets that everyone wants and LUMI makes it even more fun with features no one else has. Expect to launch this holiday season.