Royole is inventing the future with flexible displays

Royole announced a new headset could change how we use mobile devices in the next few years.

The screen inside this headset is not the same as the one in Oculus or the HTC VIVE. It has a flexible AMOLED display inside of it. We might she this in other products in the near future. The headset allows you to view content as if you was watching it on a 800-in giant curved screen. Its called Royole Moon and it will be released very soon. You can hook up any HDMI device to it, Including consoles. I got to play Crysis 3 and I was told that the resolution is 1080p with over 3000ppi.

It has nose cancelling headphones that felt very comfortable and blocked out all the sound. Once I took the headset off I was surprised at how much of the outside nose it was able to block out. The fordable design allows for this headset to be taken on the go. Long car rides or airplane flights will be much more enjoyable with the Royole Moon. Royole also announced that it has a new partnership with Akon. He will join Royole as their Chief Creative Officer (CCO). You can hear more about their partnership from himself.

“Our new Royole Moon foldable 3D virtual mobile theater brings together a super high-quality 3D cinematic and gaming experience with the freedom to enjoy it anywhere,” stated Dr. Bill Liu, Royole founder and CEO. “Its unique operating system, Moon OS, interfaces with our patented hardware system technologies, eliminating the need for a separate controller. The unit is engineered with the highest quality noise-cancelling sound technologies that rival anything in the industry, and offers ultimate portability due to its unique foldable design.”

The Royole Moon 3D virtual mobile theater will be available online at starting September 23, 2016. It has an MSRP of $799.99. Stay tuned to see my review.