Samsung’s $5,000 The Family Hub refrigerator

What makes this fridge cost over $5,000? It doesn’t make you a sandwich but it can do a bunch of other cool things like showing you whats inside of your fridge with your smart phone. Yep, There are cameras inside so that you don’t have an excuse to forget the milk again. Its called ‘The Family Hub refrigerator’ from Samsung and the most notable feature is the 23 inch tablet that runs Android. The touch screen is used to interact with your family to do things like live memos or display a calendar. Most people do it the old fashion way with pen and paper but its safe to say that this could be the refrigerator of the future. I got to check out the fridge in person and I gotta say that it is something out of a sci-fi movie. I’m glad it is a real thing but the price is pretty laughable. Much like smart tvs and smart watches, It will take a few years before the average person can afford a device like this. Samsung partnered up with Mastercard so that you could do food shopping right from the tablet. Sounds like a great idea but not everyone is sound on buying food online just yet. This refrigerator seems ahead of its time but it would be fun to have.