Say hello to the LG G6 [First Impressions]

After using the LG G6 for the last week I realized that there are 2 main features that I am in love with.

The first one is the wide angle camera lens on the front and back. This is handy for taking landscape photos or taking a 360 panoramic shot. Each rear camera delivers 13 megapixels which is slightly more than the iPhone 7. To be honest, I barely installed any apps on this phone yet cause I been too busy playing around with the camera instead. There is also a “Square Camera” app that comes pre-installed. It gives users a new way to play with photos and videos. Its almost like that Layout app from Instagram but it comes with more features. There is also Auto Shot which takes a photo whenever a face is detected. This is great for selfies and group shots. Below is an example of what a difference the wide angle lens can make vs the normal lens.

The 5.7″ display on the LG G6 is the second feature that impressed me. Despite having a 80% Body to screen ratio the device still feels solid and not fragile like the latest iPhone. The larger screen . The camera app takes advantage of the bigger screen by giving a large preview in a split screen mode. The display has a 2880 x 1440 resolution with 564 ppi and 18:9 Aspect Ratio. In other words, This phone has more resolution than my current desktop monitor which is 2560×1080.

Other features include water and dust resistant design which is gonna come in handy when summer comes around. Wireless charging is also included but I feel that should be a standard by now. Overall the LG G6 is on track to getting a 5-star rating from me. I will have a video posted soon comparing it against the Samsung Galaxy S8. Its available now on Verizon.