Self Driving Suitcase from Travel Mate

Next time you’re at the airport you might see robot suitcase following its owner. Travelmate is a team that has been working in the robot industry for the past 8 years. They aim to re-invent the robot industry the same way the iPhone did for smartphones. This suitcase looks like something out of a sci-fi movie but it is reality and working prototypes are already out there. The indiegogo campaign has already hit its first goal but is looking to rasie more funds to finish up development.

What about if someone steals your suitcase? Travelmate already thought about that and they include a GPS chip that helps orient the suitcase and allows you to know the location of the suitcase at all times with the app. This project is made by a small team of 23 people and they are looking to start shipping it to backers first by June 2017.

Another feature worth noting:

  • Fully TSA compliant
  • fingerprint senor to open case
  • app integration ready
  • Open source, Mods will be approved
  • Camera mount can be used as a tripod
  • Comes in 3 sizes, Different colors