Sling Bag from Neatpack [REVIEW]

Summer is here and I needed a new bag that was small enough to fit my important gadgets and strong enough for adventures in the city, I ended up finding this Sling bag from Neatpack.

I been using it for a few weeks and its impressive how much can fit inside of it. All of my tablets can fit nicely inside of the large pocket. It even managed to fit my 13in gaming laptop in there. It was a tight fit but I still managed to zip it up. My personal favorite feature is the smart phone pocket that is located on the shoulder strap. Keeping your phone in the jeans pocket can overheat your device. With the Sling Bag, My phone is always within reach and is not in my jeans. There is even a headphone slot to enjoy your music without touching the phone. You can also use it to charge your phone while walking.

Sling Bag from Neatpack REVIEW (1)

The small front pocket has a pen holder but I been using it to organize my wires. This comes in handy to avoid getting your cables tangled up or you can just use it for pens (Not judging). The medium front pocket also has a organizer with smaller pockets.


There is also a small hook inside of the medium pocket which I didn’t noticed until just now. The hook could be for something like your keys or maybe a USB Drive? It certainly deserves the title “Neat Pack”. On the back of the bag there is another pocket that is hidden away in the side. This pocket has RFID protection so that you can safely store your credit cards and wallet.  Oh and it has a water bottle holder…that’s actually a big deal for me.


I don’t consider myself to be a neat freak but I care about my gadgets and keeping them safe when I adventure. Its safe to say that the Sling Bag from Neatpack has all the features I have been looking for.  Its currently costs $29.99 on Amazon and comes in 3 different colors. Red, Grey, and Black. Its a unisex design so anyone can use it. Need something bigger? There is also a Laptop bag from Neatpack which is bigger and has a USB port.

Disclaimer: The Sling Bag from Neatpack was sent to me in exchange for a honest review.