This smart light bulb from 1byOne is budget friendly and super easy to setup. Once the app is installed and bluetooth is on, You’ll have full control over the light bulb. Including the ability to turn it off from the comfort of your bed. You can pick from hundreds of colors to fit your mood. You can also control the brightness within app which is something a normal bulb can’t do. This is the type of gadget that makes perfect sense for this generation of smart phone users. Another big feature is the ability to play music. Its super weird to imagine a light bulb as a speaker but it works nicely.

Smart LED Bulb from 1byOne

Its certainly not a surround sound system but for personal use it sounds great. It uses the power from the light socket so there is no need to recharge it like a normal speaker. Its a clean and simple way to fill your room with music from your phone or tablet. It works with iOS and Android and the app I used is called “JBSmartBulb”. I don’t know if it works with other apps but I know it wont work with Apple’s Home Kit because it is controlled with bluetooth instead of your WiFi network.

Smart LED Bulb from 1byOne App

I can’t think of many negative things to say about this device cause it is simple and works as you would expect. Only real downside I could think of is that there is no widget for quick access to the device. You’ll have to use the app to turn it on or change colors but it certainly not a bad thing. The speaker can play music from any app just like a normal bluetooth speaker so you’re not limit to just music. With that said, I can honestly say that it is worth the price, It costs about $30 on Amazon which is about the same price as a normal speaker. I been using it for about 2 weeks now, Its been fun to see my friends and family’s reaction to something like this. Its a step in the right direction to making our homes smarter.