Sony’s HD Portable Projector MP-CL1 [REVIEW]

In late 2015, Sony released its first portable projector at the price of $350. This projector has a slightly higher price tag compared to the competition but Sony’s advantage is in the HD image quality. With a proper dark setting and white backdrop, The video quality is amazing! Putting the projector to my fill up my wall felt very much like a theater experience. The speakers on the bottom are pretty weak so I would highly recommend using headphones or hooking up external speakers for a better viewing experience. With Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) there is no need to focus the image. No matter how you move the projector the image will focus shamelessly unlike those old projectors your high school teacher would use. Setup is super easy, Just hook up your computer, PS4 or any other HDMI device with the mini-HDMI adapter , Click on the input button and you’re ready to start watching.


Another big feature in this projector is Wifi connectivity. Android phones can cast their screen to this projector wirelessly and it works just like chrome cast. Windows 10 can send media to the projector over wifi but in my personal test I ran into some errors. I’m not sure who to blame on this problem but eventually I got it to work. Many people have asked me how does this thing work with gaming? I can say that it is a lag free experience but reading txt is slightly harder on the projected screen. This is not the best solution for every game but for fighting games it would be perfect. Below are other key features.

Key Features:

  • Pocket-sized, 7.4 oz. Mobile Projector
  • HD resolution (1920×720)
  • Displays screen sizes up to 120 inches
  • WiFi (with phone or tablet) or HDMI/MHL connectivity (for phone, tablet, laptop and gaming devices)
  • Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) provides HD resolution and focus free projection
  • Contrast Ratio of 80,000:1
  • Aspect Ratio of 16:9
  • Compact and portable size; 5.9” long by 3” wide and .51” tall

Is it worth it? Who is this best for?
For the price of $350 you could get a budget 32 or 42 inch TV which is a more straight forward approach. Its small size makes it great for on the go but realistically this is not something to setup just any where. The lack of a real tripod mount can become a problem, The video can appear uneven if not lined up correctly. For the movie lovers, This is a cool alternative to watching on a normal TV. Watching at 120 inches with good speakers and a dark room is a great experience but its not for everyone. For teachers and people who do presentations, This is a hassle free way to show off your power point. This portable projector would get a perfect score from me if it had better options to mount it and better connectivity. Check out my video review below and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel, New videos are uploaded often.