I stopped by Sony Square NYC recently to check out the “Innovation & Design” Showcase. I was instantly overwhelmed by so much cool tech from the past. Everything from the Sony Walkman, cameras, PlayStation, and even dancing robots!

Some of this stuff on display I have never seen before. Like this egg shaped Bluetooth speaker called “Rolly”. I was surprised to find out that Rolly can dance to your music. It was released in 2007 and sold for around $200. This was way before everyone had Beats by Dre. Despite being almost 10 years old, Rolly’s design still holds up and I want one now!

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Crash Bandicoot 3 is playable at Sony Square! Running on the original PS1 hardware and a CRT TV. Even without 1080p graphics, This game still holds up nicely. Other PlayStation games are playable as well including VR and Horizon Zero Dawn running at 4K.

Do you remember Qrio? No? Its ok, Lots of people forgot about him. Qrio never made it to retail but this humanoid robot was at many of the big tech shows to give us a look into the future.

I highly recommend that everyone in the New York area check out Sony Square NYC. This showcase is free and open to the public until April 23, 10am to 7pm. I will visit again to do a more in depth video.