Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience – My First Impressions

I was at The Art of VR NY yesterday and I got to play a the Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience. Despite being only 5 minutes long, I still enjoyed it.

The demo started off with opening a case and putting on the Spider-Man mask. Much like Batman Arkham VR, There is a moment where you would look in the mirror and feel like Spider-Man. After that there is a web shooting segment that involves shooting bottles on a roof top. It may not sound exciting but its innocent fun pretending to be a young Spider-Man. The next segment involved using your web to rip posters from a wall. Again, Sounds boring but it was amusing. I took a few seconds to throw barrels off of the roof with the web. The final segment the Vulture attacking the city. Using the web shooter, I swing across the roof top and end up on a small platform with a view of the city below your feet. A cane started to fall and of course Spider-Man saves the day by pulling it with his web. I hit Vulture with the web and that was it. The demo ended.

I’m not sure if this was the full version of the Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience but it was still enjoyable. The battle with Vulture felt incomplete and I would have loved more shooting targets. I imagine that making a Spider-Man VR free demo isn’t cheap but now I wish it was a full game. Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience will be available for FREE on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on June 30th.