Star Wars Death Star Floating Speaker from PLOX [REVIEW]

That’s no moon, This is a fully functional wireless speaker that doubles as a replica of the iconic space station from Star Wars.

The setup

The speaker itself works like any other Bluetooth speaker. There is only 1 button on the death star and that is to power on and connect. There are no volume or playback buttons like most speakers but that’s ok, It would make no sense to touch the speaker while it is floating. It connects to any Bluetooth device to play music from. Making the speaker float can take some practice. To make the speaker float, First, you’ll need to plug in the base needs to be plugged into a wall outlet. Then you need to carefully place the speaker in the middle. The tricky part is that you’ll need to “feel” when it is in place. This needs to be done carefully because the magnets will end up pulling the speaker down to the base. This will result in leaving marks on the base if you do it too many times. Inside of the box is a tube that helps you level the speaker. If the base loses power, The speaker will fall.

The design

Ever since Disney bought Star Wars back in 2015, Quality has been the top priority.  This is an officially licensed collectible and looks epic on my desk.

Sound quality

The Death Star Floating Speaker is small enough to fit in my hand but still packs a decent amount of sound for personal use. It has 4 speakers that allow for 360 sound. It’s worth noting that there is no AUX input so you’re stuck using Bluetooth only.

Is it worth it?

This speaker has been out for 2 years now and much has changed since then. It’s hard to recommend any speaker that doesn’t have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant built in. As a Star Wars fan, This is one of the coolest gadgets I have ever seen. Collectors will love it but they need to keep in mind that the base needs to be plugged. I was going to put this speaker on my desk but then I was not a fan of the extra cable that is needed. Other than that, I would say this is an ideal gift choice for the Star Wars geek on your holiday list. The Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker from PLOX is on sale now for $179 on Amazon.