For about a month I been using the Starry Station as my Wifi router and its a step in the right direction for home internet. Its on sale now for about $299 but lets not focus on the price for a second. Here are 5 reasons to love the Starry Station.


Putting the Starry Station against my Time Warner Cable Router was shown some interesting results. Speed tests show that they are pretty much equally match. Starry is slightly faster sometimes. Regardless of what the speed tests show, I noticed less lag with video streaming when using Starry’s Wifi connection.

Keep in mind that your results may very. I use Time Warner cable and I know for a fact that the internet speeds vary between what time of day it is.

Easy setup

Step 1 – Plug the power cable into the Starry Station.

Step 2 – Plug the Ethernet cable from your router.

Step 3 – Follow the simple instructions on the screen.

You’ll have the option to name your network and pick a password. Since picking a password is the most important part of setting up your router, The Starry Station can generate a strong password for you with 1 touch. If you ever forget your password, Simply touch on the display to see it. Its also worth nothing that the Starry gets firmware updates every once in a while but you wont have to worry about that cause it is done automatically with no interruptions.

Unique desgin

Most routers look boring and kinda ugly. Its something that you would hide so that no one would see it but the Starry is something you can put on your desk proudly. Its something different in the best way possible.

Sharing Your WiFi Password

When friends or family comes over they like to use my Wifi which involves giving them my long password. With Starry, Anyone can walk up to the router and see the password with the touch of the screen. You can easily change the password on your smartphone if you don’t want your guest to get too comfortable with your internet. The screen is mainly used to display your internet’s heath score and to see how many devices are online.

Mobile Monitoring

With the Starry app, You can check on your home network and change the settings on your phone or tablet. This comes in handy if your router is in another room, If there is a problem you’ll be able to check it with your phone. This feature alone makes Starry worth considering.