Video games might have a place in gym classes thanks to Stealth Body Fitness and some creative gym school teachers in Middle School in New York. Stealth Body Fitness is a device that allows for dynamic plank exercises using your smartphone. The app includes arcade-style video game that responds to the exercise routine. Friendly competition is what always motivated me in my gym class but this is a different level. Students are now motivated by each other and trying to reach for that high score. The Stealth plank boards are being used in that class only for this month but it is obvious they are on to something. Physical education should advance just like the tech industry has changed.

I have not got to try out Stealth Body Fitness yet but it certainly looks like something I would use to be more active. As a gamer, I love the idea of mixing gaming and fitness into one package. Being able to keep track of my progress is a much have for my own exercise. The Stealth Body Fitness comes in 2 versions, Professional and Personal. Both of them are out now.