Tamaggo 360 Live Camera – First Impressions

During a recent tech event, I got to see the Tamaggo 360 Live Camera in person. It has few advantages over the other cameras I’ve seen this year. The obvious difference is the size and shape. The egg-shape design is not just to look cool, It was crafted to fit ergonomically into any hand. I got hold it in my holds so I can easily say that this is something you can take on the go with no problems. On top of the ergonomic design, there is a built in stand and a tripod mount so that you can attach it to a selfie stick or a tripod. Another note worthy feature is the one-click capture button. Most 360 cameras require to a smart phone in order to record or preview the video, That is not a issue with the Tamaggo 360LiveCam. Almost forgot to mention that there is a touch screen on the bottom to preview your footage.

Tamaggo 360LiveCam comes in 2 different colors: white pearl and titanium

Its pretty impressive how many features this small camera is packing. I didn’t even mention the camera quality and the built in sharing features that it has. All the details are listed on the The kickstarter campgin page. There is still time to pledge and get yours at a discounted. It should be shipping in July.