There are correctly dozens of 360 cameras you can get right now, The Tamaggo 360 LiveCam is certainly a unique camera but let’s take a deeper look at what it can do. Before you read this review keep in mind that app is still a work in progress. It would crashed on me a few weeks ago but has gotten more stable with recent updates. Check the official Tamaggo website for any new improvements.


Unlike most 360 cameras, The egg-shaped design of the Tamaggo makes it easier to hold and to stand on its own. There is a pop out the clip on the bottom of the camera to place it on any flat surface. There are only 2 buttons on the device, One to power on and the big button is to capture photos/video.

The Touch Screen

The Tamaggo’s touch screen is used to access some of the more advanced settings like setting a timer or setting up the wifi. The display is curved so that you can see the whole image without swiping around.

The setup

Once the Tamaggo app is downloaded, You’ll need to make an account and turn on Bluetooth to connect the camera. Simple right? Things get more complicated when you’ll need to connect the camera to wifi. My Tamaggo had a hard time connecting. I tried using different phones and different connections but I still had errors. Connecting the camera to a power source helped in certain cases. As I said earlier, The app is correctly in version 1.00 which means improvements are on the way. Once the camera connects, Its pretty easy to transfer photos and videos but the overall experience can be much better.

Image quality

Most 360 cameras use 2 lenses that camera 180-degree field of view in each lens. Tamaggo only has one lens that captures 360-degree field of view…almost. It doesn’t take a professional photographer to know that the bottom half of the image it pretty much cut off. At first I thought this was a glitch, Then I realized that since the camera is facing upwards, The camera’s field of view doesn’t capture the bottom in 360. Simply put, This doesn’t look that good. Below is an example from TwitchCon.

If you’re looking to create to content for virtual reality this might not be the camera for you. Nobody wants to see a giant black hole when they are watching a 360 video. Maybe an app update will allow us to fill in the gap.

Plugging the Tamaggo to your PC will display your photos in a sphere mode. Its pretty cool to edit these photos for Instagram but that is about it. There is no way to view your 360 content on your PC without uploading it from the app first. Professional content creators will be disappointed in the lack of editing tools in the app but that could change in the near future. Sharing functionality is also limited, At this moment you can only upload videos to Facebook and Youtube. The app can generate a private link to send a 360 photo to your friend. They wont be able to download it or reupload it on social media. This is a great idea to share content with friends instantly but we want the ability to share our 360 content on any site that supports it.

Shoot Tamaggo Camera

Is it right for you?

I love the idea behind this camera but the app needs more updates in other to be recommended among other top 360 cameras. Too many basic features are missing such as the ability to trim your videos or add filters. Live streaming is also not enabled yet and I am looking forward to trying that. Shooting at 180 degrees is an interesting idea but I’m not sure how content creators would put it to good use. I will follow up with a second video review in a few weeks. Tamaggo is out now for $265.00 on Amazon.

Disclaimer: Tamagoo sent me this camera to provide an unbiased review of their product.