I spent the last 3 days in Brooklyn for Tech Crunch Disrupt NY. It was a great experience for me networking wise and learning how to provide better coverage of the tech industry. Below are the 5 panels from Tech Crunch Disrupt NY that you should watch. There was a bunch of great interviews on stage bet these are the 5 that I feel are the most interesting and informative.

Day 3 of #tcdisrupt. Jessica Alba is on stage now.

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Lets start this list off with the 2016 Tech Crunch battlefield, Beam. Its a streaming service for PC gamers that promises to be faster than the competition. It has most of the features you already seen on Twitch and Youtube but what sets Beam apart from the rest is the ability to interact with viewers. Much like Twitch Plays Pokemon but with a more user friendly friendly. Congrats to Beam on their success so far.

Building the Echo with Mike George

Learn about how the Amazon Echo was made and how people are using this device to make their lives easier.

The team behind Siri debuts its next-gen AI “Viv” at Disrupt NY 2016

Siri is getting better with each update but “Viv” might be the next big thing in voice commands.

Drones at Disrupt

Hear from the founder & CEO of Parrot on how did drones get so popular and what is next for this growing trend?

The Era of VR Storytelling

Hate it or love it, Virtual Reality is going to change the way we experiencing content. How far are we from feeling like we are in the movie? Its gonna be a few years before Virtual Reality headsets get cheaper and become more advance but the VR in 2016 is very promising.