Techie Gift Guide (Under $100)

This gift guide is focused on awesome gifts that cost under $100. Everything on this list was reviewed by me personally and based on my experience with the product. I take pride in being honest and giving you guys the right info. Also check out my gift guide for Drones.

pixel pals
Everyone knows someone who is a toy collector and has almost everything. I would say Pixel Pals from PDP is the perfect gift for them. Not only does it look cool with the 8 Bit designs up but its brand new so the odds of them having it already are low. Pick between Mario, Mega Man, and Vault Boy.

Picking a pair of Bluetooth earphones for this list was not easy considering that a lot of them lack good sound quality or are priced too high. I decided to pick the BLUE PISTON TUNEFRĒQS DUO from LOGiiX. I been using these earphones for the past few weeks and they are better than the other ones I reviewed this year. Since the iPhone 7 no longer has a headphone jack it’s safe to say that everyone should have a pair of good Bluetooth earphones at this point. They fit nicely in my ears without falling out which is ideal for working out. The dual-driver design makes a noticeable difference in sound quality. It comes with a neckband to make it comfortable while having it on me for most of the day.

With the VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite you can take your old VHS tapes and turn them into digital files that can be shared across social media. I am currently reviewing this product and its gonna be fun to see some old footage that I have not seen in years! Reliving those memories and sharing them with loved ones is priceless.

The Cat Ear Headphones headphones from Brookstone are for people who are not afraid to stand out from the rest. Last year I reviewed them and I got to interview the CEO of Brookstone but the priced has dropped from $150 to $70. The lights can be turned off and the cat ears double as a speaker. Pick between Blue, Red, Purple, or green.

2nd Gen Echo Dot from Amazon

The Echo Dot is a small version of Amazon’s Echo. Its a tiny voice controlled speaker that is packed with features. Obviously it can play your music from your phone via Bluetooth or from streaming sites. It might seem weird talking to a speaker but it becomes handy after a well. new functions are being added all the time. Like the ability to call a Uber or order Pizza.

Google Chromecast Ulra

I am a strong believer in cutting off cable TV. The Google Chromecast is the simplest solution to get started. The new ULTRA version supports 4K and HDR for only $70. Compared to the Apple TV, Its cheaper, smaller, and more powerful. Most importantly, It has the top apps you care about.

The NES Mini is the most wanted gift this holiday season. Retro games have a special place in our hearts and Nintendo knows it. It comes pre-loaded with 30 games that are enhanced for HD screens using “Pixel Perfect” technology. Good luck trying to get your hands one.

Activeon CX

Last year I reviewed this camera and said it was great for youtubers who want to capture outdoor moments. Better camera have come out this year BUT the price has lowered down by a LOT! Now you can get this action camera for under $50.

RCA Voyager 
rca android tablet
While I love Amazon and their service, I can’t recommend their Fire tablet. The price is great but without the Google Play Store, Its a deal breaker. The RCA Voyager is a 7 in tablet that is fully loaded and wont hurt your wallet.

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I saw this Iron Man Fridge at a recent toy event I thought it was so cool! Sure its just a mini fridge but its IRONMAN! There is no real special features about it other then the fact that it can keep your drinks cool. The eyes light up as well.