Terminator smart speaker features Alexa and a hidden camera

Sci-Fi movie geeks will love this new Terminator smart speaker that is launching on Kickstarter from T-800 Endoskeleton Smart Speaker.

Regardless of how you feel about the recent movies, The Terminator T-800 is still a movie icon and one of the most popular robots in the world. This Smart Speaker from AC Worldwide is an exact, polished alloy replica of the droid created for the T1 movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It might look like a high end collectable statue but it is also a fully featured speaker with Amazon Alexa built in. It might be weird asking the Terminator for the weather but who am I to judge?

My personal favorite feature is the eyes. Not only do they both light up but one of them has a HD camera inside of it. The hidden webcam can be viewed on your smart phone using wifi. There will be a app for iOS and Android that allows you to control all of the speaker’s features. The mobile app will also give you 1 year of free storage for your video recordings.

When can I get one?

The Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton speaker is available on Kickstarter. The first batch of speakers will come with a certificate of authenticity and gift box. There are more exclusive one-off pledges available for those wishing to own this unique speaker, including serial number 101 a personalized speaker with your name on. Pledging around $300 will bring the Terminator to your home by February 2018.