Test driving the Google Pixel’s Camera

When the Google Pixel was announced I was immediately excited to try out the camera and it did not disappoint. The camera on this phone is even more impressive than the Galaxy S7 which I reviewed earlier this year. To be fair, I have not tried the iPhone 7 yet but judging by other people’s photos I still say the Google Pixel comes out on top! Lets go ahead and take a look at some examples I took, You can see all of the photos from this camera in its full resolution on my flickr album. Google Pixel is available now on Verizon.

All of the photos below was taken with the main (Rear) camera, Below are the specs.
12.3 Mega Pixels
Large 1.55μm pixels
Phase detection autofocus + laser detection autofocus
f/2.0 Aperture

IMG_20161128_174003 IMG_20161128_173240 IMG_20161128_185701 IMG_20161128_174357
Taking photos in low light situations seems to be the best way to test out how a camera works in real life situations. Downtown has incredible views almost on every block so I figured it was the best place to start testing out the Google Pixel. It was fun to see all of the holiday stuff around the street and made it harder for me to stop taking photos.

IMG_20161128_184251 IMG_20161128_184710
I almost knocked down those big Christmas balls. When I touched it I felt the top ball start to move. If fell down I would have blamed it on one of the tourist.

IMG_20161128_174956 IMG_20161128_175052 IMG_20161128_175101 IMG_20161128_184128
Its hard to take a decent picture of the Brooklyn bridge on south sea port. Most of the time the photo would come out grainy, blurry, or over exposed from the flash. The Google Pixel did a pretty good job. Keep in mind that I used auto settings for all of these photos.


Moving from the sea port to Bryant Park, I love this photo I took with the Christmas tree in the background.


Here is the Ice Rink, Figured it was a good chance to demo the zoom function.