Top 3 Android phones of 2016

These 3 Android phones that I think are the best in 2016. I know there are other fan favorite phones but these 3 devices are the ones that I can personally recommend cause I spent a decent amount of time with each of them. All of these smart phones are available now at Verizon with LTE Advanced. Its the fastest 4G network in New York according the RootMetrics.

Samsung Galaxy S7
Earlier this year I called the galaxy S7 Edge the phone to beat in 2016, I still stand by that comment. It raised the bar with what we should expect in a Android device. Its the little details in the built in software that make it special. Things like turning off the display when your eyes are not looking at it or when it is in your pocket.

The built in game capture software is something that can’t be found on any other phone. Some of these extra programs and apps can be distracting. Youtubers will love being able to capture gameplay footage with the front camera. During the early days off Pok√©mon Go, Samsung users had the easiest way to capture footage.

The S7 is also one of the few phones to be water resistant and has wireless charging built in. Only real downside to the galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is the design of the body. It can slip out of your hands very easily due to its all glass body and glossy display. Also keep in mind that the S8 is expected to be announced in early 2018.

Moto Z Force
Personally, I love this phone so much. So many people have under looked the Moto Z lineup and that should not be the case. Motorola had a great campaign about making a phone that was actually NEW. A few of my friends never seen it before and they would go crazy when I show them the projector add on (Moto Mod). The ability to give your phone a extra feature without any cables is a game charger. I truly do wish I saw more people with this phone cause I have been loving it since day one.

The front camera has a flash so it is perfect for video blogging. A couple of my recent youtube videos have been shot on this phone’s camera in 1080p 60fps. I haven’t recorded in 4K yet but you can do that with this phone as well. Only big downside to the Moto Z Force is the price. Each of the mods can range in different prices but none of them are included. The projector alone costs $299 but it is amazing to see the watch movies with it. The bright side to Moto Mods is that there should be more released next year.

Google Pixel
Of course the first phone made by Google would be my top pick for a Android phone. Everything about it is high end but has a clean feel to it. As soon as I picked it up I was surprised at how light it felt. A couple of my friends said the same thing. Much of these design choices can be easily compared to the iPhone but I don’t see it has a bad thing. At least they managed to keep the headphone jack. The finger print reader on the back is easy to use and I prefer it to be on the back rather than on the front bottom.

There is no extra built in software but that is what I love about it. Nothing but Android at its purest. What makes this the best Android phone 2016 is the overall quality and experience that you’re getting. People always ask for a phone that wont be out dated in less than a year and with that said, The Google Pixel will be supported with the latest updates for the next 2 years. Its a phone that represents what Android should be and where it will be in the near future. Lets also not forget that it is the first phone to support Google DayDream which brings the best mobile Virtual Reality experience we have seen so far.

What is in store for the future of Android smart phones? Weather its 5G Networks, Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, or Flexible displays, I will be covering it in 2017 in behind. Stay turned!