Top 5 Gadgets from LOGiiX

This year I reviewed a bunch of gadgets from LOGiiX, I figured it would be a great time to pick 5 of my personal favorites. Starting off this list is the SYNC & CHARGE JOLT cable. Some people are on Team Android and Team Apple which means that they need 2 different cables to charge their devices. It can be annoying. Hopefully one day we will only need 1 cable to rule them all. It costs about the price of a Apple certified iPhone cable.


I already included the BLUE PISTON TUNEFRĒQS Bluetooth earphones on my under $100 gift guide but ill mention them again cause I get asked all the time for recommendations on wireless earphones. The dual driver design adds some extra bass and the included neck band makes it comfortable to wear around for working out.

During Hurricane Sandy my area got hit with a black out that last 1 week. Thankfully there was no damage done in my area but we learned to be better prepared. At the time I only had one of those small power banks that barely charged my phone or tablet. I knew I had to get something bigger like the PISTON POWER BEACON. It also doubles as a lantern so if the light goes out again, We’ll be ready.


The small but powerful BLUE PISTON ELEMENTS MINI. Its a bluetooth speaker that is small enough to travel with you everyday.

Don’t judge me but I mostly use the PISTON DISC STYLUS for whenever I don’t want to get my laptop’s touch screen dirty. It also comes in handy with writing signatures but most importantly, It comes in handy when eating and using your tablet for multi-tasking like a boss.