Ultra-wide 49-inch Gaming Monitor from Samsung

Samsung is getting into PC gaming in a big way! This 49-inch wide monitor is with a 32:9 aspect ratio and 3,840×1,080 double full HD (DFHD).

Besides the massive 49-inch display, There are other high end features worth mentioning like Freesync 2, HDR,and 144Hz refresh rate.

This unique combination helps deliver game scenes in their entirety, with deeper blacks, brighter whites, and more vivid colors. The CHG90 also boasts a rapid 1ms response time, 144hz screen refresh rate, and advanced, four-channel scanning technology to deter motion blur throughout the entire screen, making the monitor ideal for first-person shooting, racing, flight simulation, and action-heavy games.

The 49-inch CHG90 is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com and at local Micro Center retail stores for $1499.

If a 49-inch monitor is over sized for you, There is a 27 and 32-inch model that offers all of the same features but at half the size and half the price. The 32-inch CHG70 is available for pre-order exclusively on Newegg for $699, and the 27-inch display is available for pre-order on Samsung.com for $599. Below are all the specs of all the monitors.