Today I am excited to share my first impressions of some cool products from LOGiiX. There is much to talk about so I may leave out a few things for another post in the near future. Before we begin, I would like to make it clear that this is not a advertisement post, LOGiiX sent me these products to review and these are my own honest views. Lets start out of the unboxing video!

Now that we got the Unboxing out of the way, Lets take a closer look at the 4 unique cables from LOGiiX.


They make look basic but they each have something special to offer that makes a difference in the long run. All of their cables are noticeably thicker than standard cables which means they should last longer. Ever had your cat chew on your wires? Its a good feeling to know that these cables can take a beating. The SYNC AND CHARGE JOLT REVERSE features a USB-A which means you don’t have to think twice about which way to plus in your cable. The SYNC AND CHARGE JOLT MULTI might be the most handy cause it can charge both Micro USB and Lightning Cable devices, This might be the only cable you need to carry on the go. Finally, Lets talk about the¬†PISTON CONNECT LED, It looks like a normal Lightning Cable but it has a LED light to let you know when your device is fully charge. This is perfect for those people who worry about over charging their devices.


Yep, That is a USB powered fan. These things have been around for a while but this one can has to be the coolest one I seen so far. It has a retro look to it and is small enough not to take up too much space on my desk. I kinda wish it had different power modes but it seems strong enough to add a nice breeze without a A/C. I will be sure to put this to the test during the Summer.


The PISTON DISC Stylus does not have all the fancy sensors and features of the Apple Pencil but it comes in my experience, It works best with tablets. I had some fun downloading a few drawing apps, I’m no artist but its relaxing to just draw whatever comes to mind. This Stylus is perfect for Windows 10 tablets cause many of the icons are so small that my finger can’t hit it. I love the Aluminum, It feels nice and looks professional, Unlock those cheap rubber tip stylus you can get at the dollar store.


Hate carrying around extra wires? I know I do! With the PISTON POWER MULTI 5000 there is no need to carry a extra charging cable cause it has both Micro USB and Lighting USB built in. This super slim battery pack has a 5000 mAh battery which is good enough for charging most phone 2 times. Battery packs are getting cheaper and more powerful every year and this is the one I would recommend the most. The slim design makes it easy to travel with anyone’s life style and I no longer worry about my battery dying. When a friend needs to charge their phone I will gladly let them use mine cause it has plenty of charge left for both of us. As we approach warmer weather, This is a must have! I will have a battery test video posted up soon.

Last but not lest, Lets talk about the BLUE PISTON ELEMENTS MINI. This black + Orange cube packs a surprising punch. Yes, It is loud but the bass is what is most impressive. Being weather resistant makes this small sized speaker perfect for taking to the park or even at the beach. I did a short video to go more in depth about this speaker. Its hard to show off the sound quality but hopefully it gives you guys an idea about how much bass this thing has.