My Verizon App Review

Lets take a closer look at the brand new “My Verizon” app running on the Galaxy S7 (arguably the best phone of 2016). Keeping track of how much data you been using should be something that is super simple and clear to understand which is what the My Verizon app does nicely. 1 tap of the app and all of the key data is on 1 screen. With the Data Hub” section, You can see what you used most of your data on. I been playing a lot of Pokemon GO lately and I can see in the app that 16% of my data has been used for that.


I been using the 2gb plan and that is enough for me cause I avoid video streaming or going on Instagram while on my mobile data. NYC has a lot of free wifi hotspots so that is a pro tip to save money right there.


If you need more data in your plan, The My Verizon app makes it easy to do it with a few simple taps. The lowest plan was 1gb for $30 but now its $35 for 2gb, You’re getting 30% more date for a few more bucks and that is reflected across all of the other plans. The chart below should explain everything.

Its also worth nothing that You can text costumer support directly within the app. No more waiting on the phone for long periods of time to get simple answers. All companies should have On-Demand support from now on. Its safe to say that Verizon has done a great job with this app and their new plans. Keep in mind that this is NOT a sponsored blog post. I was asked if I wanted to do coverage on this topic and I agreed to it. My opinions in this post are my own.