Vinci Smart Headphones – Luxury Technology Show

Vinci is the first pair of smart headphones to have a Android touch screen and AI built in.

Vinci headphones can play your music from the internal storage or from pretty much any streaming service on Android. Best part is that you don’t need to pair it to your phone or connect it to anything. I was surprised to see a 3G sim card slot, This means that you can leave your phone home if you’re going for a run or maybe a party. You can use the voice controls to make calls and send texts. Overall I was impressed with everything Vinci has to offer behind listening to music. During the Summer I already know these are going to super popular.

Vinci is available for preorder now on Indiegogo for $129 and will ship in April. There is a pro version that offers additional features (wireless charging, even better sound quality, customizable active noise-cancellation, and 32GB of local storage (versus 16GB for the base model).