Today I am taking a look at Pokemon gifts that are weirdly awesome and would even the most hardcore fan happy.

Pokémon Z-Ring
By now you already know that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is out now but did you that there is a wearable that works with it? The Pokémon Z-Ring from TOMY can be used to launch your Z-Move attack. It lights up and vibrates to make gamers feel the action. The Set includes: Z-Ring, 3 Z-Crystals and a 2 inch Pikachu Figure.

These Pokemon Noise-Isolating Earbuds are pretty asic but they look awesome! Comes with a Built-in microphone and a matching travel pouch.

Remember when the first Pokemon movie came out? The hype was real back then. Now you can relive the first 3 movies in glorious HD with the Stealbook Blu-ray collection.

Haunter Pokemon LED Backlit Wall Light

Remote Control activated Haunter Nightlight is a awesome way to light up a room or give kids nightmares.

Crystal poke balls

Crystal poke balls Glowing pokemon trapped inside laser engraved, with Led rotating base

Pokemon GBA Flash Drive

Does anyone still use flash drives? If yes, Why not have one that is a reminder of good old gen 3.

Pokemon keyboard decal

Make your laptop stand out above everyone else with these decals for Apple keyboards.

Pokemon carrying case 

These handmade carrying cases can protect most of your potable gadgets on the go. Personally, I love the Magikarp design the best.

Pokemon etched shot glass (One shot glass)

Pokemon has been around for 20 years now which means that a good amount of the fan base is old enough to drink.

Tatami Bed Mattress Pikachu

Its hard to belive that this is a real product but its legit. For about $400 this giant Pikachu sofa can be yours. I’d image this would be perfect for kids but lets be honest, We all know someone above the age of 21 who would buy this is money was not an issue.