What is the Moto Gamepad?

Moto Gamepad is exactly what I was searching for in a mobile controller.

It snaps on to the back of your Motorola phone and instantly connects. There is no paring and no need to turn on Bluetooth. The gamepad is detached automacally and supported games will switch to physical controls with no setup. Only real downside is that this is exclusive to Motorola phones with Moto Mods support.

I was happy to see that the controls are tight and the buttons have a quality feel to it. Most mobile controllers feel like a toy due to plastic parts but the Moto Gamepad doesn’t have that problem. It has a super thin design but it was still comfortable to play on. It may not be for extended hours of gaming but for on the go it is better than touch controls. The Gamepad Moto Mod is expected to ship in late august for $79.99.