Wireless Cat Ear Headphones from BrookStone [REVIEW]

One of the most popular headphones amount gamers of this year are now wireless!

A bunch of people love these earphones for its unique design that stands out from the crowd. On top of the cool design it has premium sound quality and the included ear cups do a great job of noise cancellation. As soon as I put them on for the first time it felt like premium headphones and I was instantly impressed with the sound quality. The LED lights are very bright and can change between 8 different colors to match your mood or your outfit. It charges via micro USB and the battery can last up to 5 hours. If the battery runs out you can use a headphone jack to enjoy music playback but your ears wont light up. It is also worth noting that the ears double as speakers so you can share music with your friends with the click of a button. The built in speakers are not the loudest but they sound pretty good especially considering the size of it.


The Car Ear design is not for everyone for I know plenty of people who have been loving them. Obviously it can attract some unwanted attention depending on where you but you gotta admit that this is a creative new look for headphones. It might seem like a silly idea to some people but I think the main point of this product is freedom of expression. Something simple as changing the LED colors is gives people the freedom to express themselves in a way other headphones don’t. I was told that people who go to parties enjoy these headsets but personally, I am a gamer so I been using these with my PS4 and I will do a live stream with them eventually. Without a doubt, You’ll see more of these¬†headphones on the streets in the near future. They are on sale now at Brookstone for $139.99.