Zelda N64 Raspberry Pi Mod

Thanks to the small size and power of the Rasberry Pi 2, This gamer was able to turn his old N64 console into a mini PC for running emulators. Emulator sation is a free operating system that allows us to play retro games on the Rasberry Pi. The games are loaded onto the SD card and users can play classic games with newer controllers like a PS4 or Xbox One controller. Over on Reddit there is a story about the guy who made this custom computer for a friend.

Raspberry Pi 2 has 4 usb ports, N64 has 4 controller slots. It was meant to be.
Its easy to run a emulator off of your smart phone or laptop but creating something on your own is more rewarding.
Wiring is a bit messing but using the Raspberry Pi is super simple. For under $100 this guy gave his N64 new life.